Fun in the sun

We have been making the most of this great weather. We are all “sploged” up with sun cream, had a picnic, been reading stories in the shade and now making dens.

“Scottish Summer, it’s my favourite day of the year”

Sports Day Action

The new P1’s joined their teams to take part in all the Sports Day activities on Monday.
Kai especially liked trying “to get the ball into the blue bucket”.
Cairn was good at “jumping and going under”
Jamie liked stepping in and out of the tyres “going left and going right”

Annie didn’t hear Mrs Nicol shout GO! so was especially pleased when she managed to catch up and overtake Jamie in the running races.

Left to our own devices..

Friday turned into a bit of a science experiment when Annie and Rowan declared they wanted to make “GOO!”  We all had a rummage in the cupboard for things that would make good slime, we started with water and when it wasn’t thick enough we added more flour.  The most exciting development was adding the jelly crystals.  This grew and grew really quickly and some of us loved how it squished between our fingers and some didn’t!
Sorry for the delay in posting this, but we are still clearing up the mess.DSC00829

Showing us how it’s done

For the Nursery children moving to Mrs Convery’s class after the summer, There has been a lot of preparation to help them feel comfortable with their next steps in school.

We have been meeting the P6 pupils every week to see how playtime works. Willow, Matyas, Rocco and Emilia have been very responsible, showing us which doors to use and what each bell means and what they like to play. We have even been taking our own “play piece”

Day 10, in the Big Butterfly House…

Such great timing today as the caterpillars decided to hatch out of their cocoons right in front of the children. Not without a little drama, the last one spent most of the morning wriggling and we were all worried he wouldn’t make it out, one of the others even came along and tried giving him a shove to help the process along.

We have all been intrigued to watch their wings gently fill and dry out. They looked so delicate, but by the end of the morning they were all warming themselves in the sun and feasting on the sugared water and fruit.

Spring has sprung

Looking at the blossom on our Big Season Tree. Ben said it “looked like snow”, when the white petals floated down. Jack thought our caterpillars would like the leaves. Then Annie said “it would be a lovely place for our Butterflies when they are ready”

Don’t make a mess in the kitchen…

With the Big Garden Spring Clean in the diary for Sunday 22 April, the Easter Holidays were well spent building and creating our new Outdoor play area.  Thank you to Elsa and Andrews Dad for making such a fantastic job of some old pallets.  Thank you also to Mrs Law and Mr Law for giving their time to give it a lick of paint.

The Children have taken advantage of every opportunity to get stuck in.  They have sourced suitable pots and spoons from the Nursery, with some extras thrown in by Mrs Broadhurst and Mrs Fletcher.   We even showed it off to our friends from Deshar Nursery.


Making a mess is exactly what is required in order to discover how and what happens.  We have been learning lots already in our Mud Kitchen, mixing up dry and wet mud; pouring and measuring out all sorts of different amounts into all sorts of different sized containers and discovering the rain does go down the plug hole.


All the implements are kept in a big treasure chest under the counter, so feel free to come and have “bake” in kitchen if you are passing the school garden.

Spinning a cocoon for his home 🎵

Ruaridh and Rowans’ Mum, has very kindly provided us with 5 Painted Lady Caterpillars, which we have enjoyed studying closely over the past week.  Our caterpillars have been missing the children watching them every day.   So have decided to make the most of the long, quiet Bank Holiday weekend to hang out, ready for getting into their chrysalis.